Friday, May 27, 2016

Creative May III

Hi guys!

Here's the sketch and photo inspiration 

And here's my card. 

Paint nite XIII

Hey all!!
Here's a painting my hubby and I did last week with our instructor Kyle. 
It's called moonlit tree of life. 
I hope you all like it. 

Creative May II

Hey everyone.
Sorry for bugging you all with another card. Here's my second entry for TGF - swing into spring, Simon says stamps - anything goes, and CAS colour and sketches. 

Here's the sketch

Here's my card 

Creative May

Hi guys.
Long time between posts again... 
I feel like I'm in a major rut with my card making, but I've actually taken up sewing and painting lately. I'm hoping to open up my own etsy shop and sell some of my creations when I feel I have improved enough. 
Anywho here's my entry for TGF - swing into spring, Simon says stamps - anything goes, and a new blog I've started to follow call sketchnscrap 

Happy crafting!!

Here's the sketch 

Here's my card

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Paint nite XII

Hey guys! My hubby and I went to a last minute paint nite event and this is what we painted. I'm out of practice but ehhhh it was fun lol .... Enjoy!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hello, Sunshine State!

Hi everyone!
I hope you're all well! My hubby and I just came back from Orlando, Florida! Which is also known as the Sunshine State, how adorable! It make me so happy just thinking about it :) 

We ended up spending several days between the Universal Studios resort and Disney World Resort. 

Flying the red eye flight from Vancouver -> Toronto -> Florida was pretty easy... Except for all the babies we sat with. Yikes! I've never heard so many babies cry in unison. Lol

Anywho, we ended up staying at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort in Universal Studios to save time with transportation to the parks. It was a 50s themed hotel, that reminded me of Dexter's apartment from the TV show hehehe 

The front area was so large, that several huge Palm trees can fit inside the main lobby. 

Anywho, the main reason for our stay at Universal Studios was to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!!

I'm a huge Harry Potter fan since I was in the 7th grade and grew up reading the books. I'll attach some of the photos I took from the theme park. 

This was the knight bus in front of the park.

This was taken inside the Leaky Cauldron Restaurant (you can see the leaky cauldron behind all the people eating... and it actually has a crack)

Our first butterbeer from the Leaky Cauldron of course ;) with the souvenir mugs 

Weasley's Wizard Wheezes store across the Leaky Cauldron! 

We had the Toad in a Hole and Fish Pie as our first meal at the Leaky Cauldron. The service was really fast and there were LOTS of seats.

Inside Gringotts Bank

We also had to buy pumpkin juice and gilly water. The pumpkin Juice was OK, and the gilly water was just plain water LOL

sign outside the Leaky Cauldron

First night at florean fortescue's ice cream parlour;
I had butterbeer ice cream and the hubby had, salted caramel and apple crumble :)

#12 Grimmauld Place, London ... Where Sirius Black grew up heheheh look you can see Kreacher the house elf looking out from the second floor window. 

Hogwarts Castle the following day.

Inside the 3 broomsticks

Cauldron Cake from Honeydukes 

Of course we had to go back and try chocolate and taste ice cream with chopped nuts 

Here's a photo of the Gringotts Bank and the dragon that exhales fireballs. 

In front of the Universal's Globe

We also stayed at Coronado Springs inside the animal kingdom of Disney World 

There's an alligator living in this lake (which Disney didn't tell their guests, we found out through another guest... Yikes!)

Cinderella's castle in Magic Kingdom 

The tree of life in animal kingdom 

Giraffes during our Kilimanjaro Safari 

a couple of zebras mooning the safari folks LOL


Flower and garden festival at Epcot 

Epcot at night 

Thanks for checking out my blog :)

Friday, January 8, 2016

beanies and hearts

hi all!!
I'm on a roll tonight! I hope you don't mind.
This is an image from TGF which I coloured with my prima water colour pencils.
I find that the Prima water colour pencils are the best in the market IMO. It's so creamy and blends so easily without dragging the paper causing it to pill.

here's my entry for: TGF - Anything goes and Freshly Made Sketches


here's my card

here's the sketch


first challenge of 2016

Hi guys!
I hope you're all well =) I can't believe it's 2016, I feel like 2015 just flew... I guess it's a part of aging! Time just flies by! oh my...
I've missed blogging and creating... I feel like 2015 my card making skills and creative juices ran dry in exchange for school work.

On that note... What's your new years resolution for 2016???
Mine is a team oriented resolution for my hubby and I to eat better. Less sweets for him, and less salty foods for me. *I'm the type of gal who would rather have a steak than dessert* hehehehe
Also, to travel more and to take time to be more creative again... (ie: prior to me entering my post master's program in 2014... which will end this year! YAY!)

here's my entry for: TGF - anything goes and the sketch I used is from an old Friday Sketch challenge


here's my card
(trendy gray hair on my Anya LOL)

here's the sketch

Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy Holidays and a Merry New Year!

Hi guys!
I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza or Holiday! I'm sorry for being MIA for the last few weeks, I've been finishing the last semester of my post masters course, which I'll be hopefully be passing in 2016... *its been a long 2 years since I started this program* 

Anywho, I wish everyone the best in the coming year and hopefully I'll be able to post more after I find out my final grade in this program. 

Here are some photos from my Christmas holiday and the Vancouver Christmas Market which I annually attend with my hubby! 

I miss you all. I can't wait to create more in the new year!! Xoxox

Mulled wine and apple ciders

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Project File: organizing your dies

Hi guys! 
So I was thinking of adding this new section to my blog called "Project Files" 
It's sorta feeds into the 'Martha Stewart' part of my brain, where I organize and create things that makes my crafting easier. (I used to worship Martha Stewart as a kid and loved her show! *anyone remember her show, where she made crafts and baked goodies??*).
So today, I wanted to share with you this mini tip about how I organize my dies. For those of you who are new, die or does are metalic tools that are used my crafters to cut out shapes from paper, card stock or foam etc.
One of my favourite dies comes from a stamping company called Lawn Fawn; therefore, I have decided to show you how I organize my lawn fawn dies utilizing magnet sheets. 

Here's what you'll need (I'll add the store where I bought the products from):
- Any die sets (from lawn fawn stamps online)
- permanent glue; I used my scotch ATG gun with the general adhesive glue (from Michaels Crafts) 
- pro mag: magnetic paper sheets (from Michaels crafts) 
- fiskars paper trimmer/ cutter (from Michaels Crafts)
- wire cutter ( I own the Ashland mini wire cutter from Michaels crafts) 

With some of my older dies, I had kept them in tiny ziplock bags inside the packaging ... This way made it difficult for me to find a specific die, since I had to rifle through the bag if I needed a particular die. I will have to change it into a magnetic way of organization in the future. 

Here are the steps:
1) Break each die apart, so that all your pieces are separated. I used my Ashland mini wire cutter from Michaels. Set aside. 

2) cut the a magnetic sheet into 4.25 inch X 3.6 inch to fit the lawn fawn card backing where the dies were temporarily glue on to, when they were brand new. 

As you can assess from the photo there's the magnetic side and the white non-magnetic side of the pro mag. 

3) Then apply some glue to the non-magnetic white backing of your magnetic sheet, using you're runner / ATG Glue gun. 
4) Finally, adhere your magnetic sheet to the lawn fawn card backing. Then arrange the dies on top of the magnetic sheet, and re-insert into the plastic protector. 
It should look like this after you're all done. 

Here's another one I completed. 

So now I can easily see the dies I have and it's a simpler way for me to access my dies. I hope this helped you a little. 

Happy crafting.